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Utica Torque Limiting Screwdrivers, Accessories And Kits

Utica offers a complete line of torque limiting screwdrivers covering a range of 2-640 in.-oz. All Utica screwdrivers feature aluminum housings to reduce weight and maximize durability. Six standard models are available for light duty torque applications including general electronic and computer assembly. Two miniature models offer reliable fastening of the very smallest of applications such as cellular phone assembly.

Utica torque screwdrivers feature a unique roller bearing cam, which produces smooth, accurate, and consistent performance when tightening fasteners. When the maximum torque setting is achieved, the cam mechanism automatically slips to prevent over-tightening. In addition to being highly durable, several features have been engineered into Utica screwdrivers to increase ease of use. Each of the three standard adjustable models are distinguished by red, blue and black for easy identification. Plus, a patented, spring-loaded locking collar locks the scale at the desired torque setting. This prevents the operator from accidentally using the wrench in the unlocked position, which may lead to incorrectly tightened fasteners.

All models feature an easy-release bit holder, which securely retains bits during operation, while permitting easy removal.

Electronics assembly and other light screw assembly applications demand precision that can only be accomplished with the use of precision tools.

All Utica torque screwdrivers are made of top grade materials machined to exacting tolerances. Working parts are heat treated for added strength and durability. Then, each tool is carefully assembled by our experienced technicians.

Each Utica screwdriver is calibrated according to ASME B107.14M before leaving the plant, using test equipment traceable to NIST.

Utica's manufacturing processes are ISO 9001 certified, which means that Utica products are manufactured to the highest standards. Quality materials, precision machining and assembly is what makes Utica torque screwdrivers the tool of choice. As a general rule, we recommend calibrating Utica torque products every six months. However, the quality objectives of the operator's organization will ultimately determine the frequency of tool calibration.

Utica Torque Limiting Screwdrivers, Accessories And Kits - Standard Models
Utica torque limiting screwdrivers, accessories and kits - standard models. Choice of adjustable models with precision micrometer scale or factory preset models.
Utica Torque Limiting Screwdrivers, Accessories And Kits - Miniature Models
Utica torque limiting screwdrivers, accessories and kits - miniature models. Specifically designed for reliable tightening of the very smallest threaded fasteners.