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Apex Screwdriver Bits

Apex® Fastener Tools has manufactured top-quality screwdriver bits for decades. These demands vary by industry, but are particularly exacting in the aviation industry and automotive repair environment. Apex® Fastener Tools has developed special alloys that offer attributes suited to the specific demands of the aerospace and automotive industries. bits of equal hardness from different brands will yield different results. We understand that determining the material/brand of choice can be a confusing process.

MRO tools has over thirty years of experience in screwdriver tooling in the aviation industry and we are pleased to offer specific recommendations to you or you may browse the Apex® bits categories below, including B.N.A.E., Frearson, Hi-Torque, Phillips ®, Pipe-Plug, Pozidriv ®, Quadrex, Sel-O-Fit, Slotted, socket head (Hex-Allen), Square Recess, Torq-Set ®, Torx Plus ®, Torx ®, Triple Square and Tri-Wing ®.

Apex Ball End Hex Bits
Apex Ball End Hex Bits are manufactured using a proprietary steel and heat treat process that yields greater strength and a longer bit life. The cutting-edge machining process used to manufacture Apex Ball End Hex Bits results in tighter tolerances.
Apex B.N.A.E. (Metric) Screwdriver Bits
Apex® B.N.A.E. (metric) screwdriver bits. 1/4'' Hex Insert Shank and 1/4'' Hex Insert Shank with ACR. Also known as French recess bits. The name comes from the Bureau de Normalisation de l'Aeronautique et de l'Espace.
Apex Frearson (Reed & Prince) Screwdriver Bits
Apex® Frearson (Reed and Prince) screwdriver bits. The Frearson recess is designed so that any size bit will fit any size recess. Choose bits on the basis of body diameter the larger the screw, the larger the body diameter.
Apex Hi-Torque Screwdriver Bits
Apex® hi-torque screwdriver bits. The Hi-Torque recess was designed to provide very high installation and removal torques and to reduce the need for end-load of the driver.
Apex Phillips Head Screwdriver Bits
Apex® Phillips® head screwdriver bits. The Phillips® head screw drive is purposely designed to cam out when the screw stalls, preventing the fastener from damaging the work or the head.
Apex Pipe-Plug Screwdriver Bits
Apex® Pipe-Plug screwdriver bits. Male hex, to male square from 1/4'' to 1/2''.
Apex Pozidriv Screwdriver Bits
Apex® Pozidriv® screwdriver bits. The shallow cross indention in the screw head identifies a Pozidriv® fastener. The Pozidriv® bit and recess design provides contact than a standard Phillips for more torque.
Apex Sel-O-Fit Screwdriver Bits
Apex® Sel-O-Fit screwdriver bits. Sel-O-Fit bits are designed to provide a more efficient means of driving Pozidriv screws. The Sel-O-Fit bit places torque on the strongest, most mechanically advantageous portion of the driver tip.
Apex Slotted Screwdriver Bits
Apex® slotted screwdriver bits. Slotted screwdriver bits have a single slot in the fastener head and the tool used to drive a slot is called a slot-head, flat-tip, or flat head.
Apex Socket Head (Hex-Allen) Screwdriver Bits
Apex® socket head (hex-allen) screwdriver bits. The socket head bit is one of the most common popular screw drives in the aviation and automotive industries. This screw drive is also common in heavy industy enviroments.
Apex Square Recess Screwdriver Bits
Apex® square recess screwdriver bits. The four sides of Apex® square recess screwdriver bits are at right-angles to each other. The opposite sides of square recess bits are parallel.
Apex Torq-Set Screwdriver Bits
Apex® Torq-Set® screwdriver bits. Torq-Set® is a cruciform screw drive used in torque-sensitive applications. The Torq-Set® head is similar in appearance to a Phillips drive in that it has a cross with 4 arms.
Apex Torx Plus Screwdriver Bits
Apex® Torx Plus screwdriver bits. The Torx Plus fastener and bit configuration gives a closer fit, 25% increased bit strength and up to 100% more drive cycles. This improved design gets even better when its made with Apex know-how.
Apex Torx Screwdriver Bits
Apex® Torx® screwdriver bits. Torx® fasteners are becoming more and more common in automotive and appliance assembly. Apex® provides a full selection of bits for Torx® screws.
Apex Triple Square Screwdriver Bits
Apex® triple square screwdriver bits. Triple square bits, also known as XZN bits, are a type of screw drive with 12 equally spaced tips, each with a 90° angle.
Apex Tri-Wing Screwdriver Bits
Apex® Tri-Wing® screwdriver bits. The Tri-Wing® bit, also known as triangular slotted, screw drive has three radial slots. Tri-Wing®, as the name suggests, is a screw with three ''wings'' and a small triangular hole in the center.