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Lufkin Fiberglass Tape Measures

Lufkin fiberglass tape measures are designed for rugged field use by the surveyor, engineer or contractor. Lufkin fiberglass tape measures are more accurate than tolerances established by the National Bureau of Standards when fully supported with standard tension of 4.5 lbs.

Lufkin fiberglass tape measures are durable, waterproof and able to withstand breakage and abrasion under extreme conditions. The non-conductive construction material of Lufkin fiberglass tape measures allow for safe use around electrical hazards.

Lufkin Pro Series Fiberglass Tape Measures
Lufkin pro series fiberglass tape measures feature 60 strand fiberglass encased in two layers of PVC for extra durability, two color, two sided blade includes fractional and decimal graduations, 3:1 rewind.
Lufkin Fiberglass Tape Measures
Lufkin fiberglass tape measures features a cushion grip, extra wide for added comfort. Lufkin fiberglass tape measures have a positioning spike that shows measurement start point.