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Jacobs Chuck

Jacobs chucks, high precision tool holders, arbors, and related accessories have made Jacobs the leading brand of precision tool holding and work holding devices in the world. For more than 100 years, superior grip and accuracy have made Jacobs the industry leader, with Jacobs technology applied to everything from sophisticated CNC machining centers to cordless portable drills. Our commitment to excellence and innovation and continued investment in research and development provide us with the ability to maintain this leadership position.

Jacobs Keyed Industrial Chucks
Jacobs keyed industrial chucks include ball bearing - taper mount chucks, plain bearing taper mounted, heavy duty and medium duty chucks and thread mounted, heavy duty and medium duty chucks.
Jacobs Keyless Industrial Chucks
Jacobs keyless industrial chucks include high precision model taper mounted chucks, high torque/high precision model chucks, high torque/high precision chucks with integrated shanks and medium duty industrial chucks.
Jacobs Rubber-Flex Collet Chucks
Jacobs Rubber-Flex collet chucks include Die Grinder Chucks, Tap Chuck Collets, Die Grinder Collets and Lathe Chuck Collets, all of which have parallel jaw insert surfaces that exert uniform, accurate gripping force.
Jacobs Arbors
Jacobs Arbors include Morse Taper Arbors, Arbors Straight Shank to Jacobs Taper, Arbors Threaded Shank to Morse Taper, Arbors Bridgeport Taper to Jacobs Taper and Drill Sleeves - Morse Taper, Archer Series.
Jacobs Extension Sockets, Morse Taper, Archer Series 800
Extend tool lengths and application distances while adapting for increases or decreases in applied tool morse taper sizes. Externally precision ground with hardened tang.
Jacobs Ejecting Drifts
Jacobs ejecting drifts are hardened and tempered.
Jacobs Portable Tool Chucks
Jacobs portable tool chucks include Hand-Tight keyless drill chucks, professional duty chucks, Multi-Craft drill chucks, the Adapt-A-Drive chuck and stainless steel chucks.
Jacobs Keys, Special Purpose Chucks, Accessories
Jacobs chuck keys. Nickel thumb grip styles increase leverage and user comfort. Soft steel handles limit the potential for dangerous fracturing under excessive load.
Additional Jacobs Products
Additional Jacobs Products