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Lufkin Tape Measures, Measuring Tools

Ever since the first Lufkin wood rule was produced in 1869, the Lufkin brand has been synonymous with high quality and unmatched accuracy. Today, Lufkin wood rules, power tapes, engineering and surveying tapes, specialty tapes and measuring wheels comprise one of the widest selections of measuring products available from any manufacturer.

Lufkin Power Return Tape Measures
Lufkin power return tape measures feature blades that are finished with an abrasive resistant coating for durability and long life. Lufkin power return tape measures feature two color easy-to-read markings and self-adjusting end hooks.
Lufkin Pocket Tape Measures
Lufkin pocket tape measures feature manual and power retraction and are in available in lengths of up to 12'. Available in five different models: Mezurall, Pee Wee, Executive Thinline, Executive Diameter and Architects Pocket Scale.
Lufkin Long Blade Tape Measures
Lufkin long blade tape measures are ruggedly built with easy to read markings. Lufkin long blade tape measures include the Challenge series, the Hi-Viz Speedwinder series, the Banner series, the pro series long steel tape series, the home shop series
Lufkin Fiberglass Tape Measures
Lufkin fiberglass tape measures are designed for rugged field use by the surveyor, engineer or contractor. Lufkin fiberglass tape measures are more accurate than tolerances established by the National Bureau of Standards.
Lufkin Hi Line Synthetic Tape Measures
Lufkin Hi Line synthetic tape measures feature a synthetic fiber blade that is non-conductive. Lufkin Hi Line synthetic tape measures have a steel case with vinyl covering and have a ring or hook attached on the end.
Lufkin Oil Gauging Tape Measures
Lufkin oil gauging tape measures feature Chrome Clad for dark (heavy oils) and Nubian for light (clear oils) and ''Double Duty'' oil gauging tapes with both Chrome Clad and Nubian (black) for dark (heavy) and light (clear) oils.
Lufkin Surveying Tape Measures
Lufkin surveying tape measures are used in a variety of applications and feature chrome clad or yellow clad blades and come in the following styles: Derrick, Pro Series Ny-Clad Steel, Western, Chrome Clad and Peerless.
Additional Lufkin Products
Additional Lufkin Products