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Omega Technologies is an authorized distributor of Apex® Fastener Tools

  • Apex Screwdriver Bits Apex® Screwdriver Bits

    Apex® has manufactured top-quality screwdriver bits for decades in response to the ever-changing demands of fastener applications. These demands vary by industry, but are particularly exacting in the automotive and aviation industry.

  • Apex Bit Holders Apex® Bit Holders

    Apex® Bit Holders offer the flexible use of insert bits with a variety of tools used throughout the aviation industry. Many Apex® bit holders are available in magnetic or quick release, allowing for the use of a variety of insert bits in power tool applications.

  • Apex Sockets Apex® Sockets

    Apex® industrial grade impact sockets are available in a wide range of lengths and wall thickness, diameters and with single or double hex opening. Apex® provides the accessories needed to adapt sockets to nearly every tool and application.

  • Apex Nutsetters Apex® Nutsetters

    Apex® male hex drive nutsetters allow nutrunning in all types of applications. Quality design and construction give Apex® nutsetters a long service life and durability even in the toughest working environments.

  • Apex Hand Drivers Apex® Hand Drivers

    Apex® hand drivers including awls, drivers with self-contained insert bits, replaceable bit drivers, magnetic replaceable bit drivers and industrial bit driver bits.

  • Apex Adapters Apex® Adapters

    Apex® straight square drive and universal (swivel-flex) adapters. Apex® square drive adapters have hex tolerances that are on average 48% tighter than DIN and 35% tighter than ANSI requirements.

  • Apex Socket Extensions Apex® Socket Extensions

    High strength fasteners in demanding situations in hard to reach area, often require the use of a Apex® socket extension to deliver the amount of torque required to tighten or loosen them.

  • Apex Special Sockets, Accessories Apex® Special Sockets

    With Apex® you are assured of an exact, sure fit. All Apex® special sockets and accessories have the tightest tolerances for straightness and concentricity in the industry.

  • Apex Universal Joints Apex® Universal Joints

    Apex® military standard universal joints are designed to strict specifications to assure unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratios, torsional and axial overload capacity and low torsional deflection.

  • Apex Universal Wrenches Apex® Universal Wrenches

    Apex® universal wrenches are the industry standard. Hard-to-reach areas are no problem with the wide range of Apex® universal and extension universal wrenches.

  • Apex u-Guard Tools Apex® u-Guard Tools

    Apex® u-Guard covering is made of a thermo plastic urethane which cushions against costly incidental side impacts. It offers the lowest sustained coefficient of friction for maximum tool efficiency.

  • Apex u-Guard Tools Cleco Air Tools

    Cleco Air Tools are designed with the operator in mind, small, lightweight and comfortable to use, and don't sacrifice durability, with perfectly balanced moving parts to keep vibration to a minimum.

  • Apex u-Guard Tools Dotco Air Tools

    Dotco Air Tools are known for their durability, dependability, and versatility. The Dotco brand is viewed as the premier line of material removal and assembly tools in the industrial marketplace.

  • Utica Torque Tools Lufkin Measurement Tools

    Lufkin wood rules, power tapes, engineering and surveying tapes, specialty tapes and measuring wheels comprise one of the widest selections of measuring products available.

  • Utica Torque Tools Utica® Torque Tools

    Utica® products offer high quality solutions for your torque applications, adding value to the assembly process by enabling you to assess, control and improve product reliability.

  • Utica Torque Tools Wiss Tools

    Wiss has been the market leading call-out brand for aviation snips for over 50 years. The wide product line includes scissors, industrial shears, utility knives, siding and HVAC tools.

Apex Industrial Grade Fastening Tools

Apex uses high-grade steel to withstand the most challenging environments.

Apex is used in many Aerospace work environments like: AEROSTRUCTURES, FLYAWAY HARDWARE, FINAL ASSEMBLY and MAINTENANCE REPAIR and OVERHAUL.