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Apex Square Drive Universal (Swivel-Flex) Adapters

Apex® square drive universal (swivel-flex) adapters. Apex® square drive adapters have hex tolerances that are on average 48% tighter than DIN and 35% tighter than ANSI requirements. With Apex® you are assured of an exact, sure fit. All Apex® square drive adapters have the tightest tolerances for straightness and concentricity in the industry. High strength fasteners in demanding situations, like those found in the automotive and aviation industries, often require the use of an impact wrench or impact driver to deliver the amount of torque required to tighten or loosen them.

Apex 1/4'' Square Drive Universal Adapters, Female Square To Male Square
Apex® 1/4'' square drive universal adapters, female square to male square.
Apex 3/8'' Square Drive Universal Adapters, Male Square To Female Square
Apex® 3/8'' square drive universal adapters and adapter extensions, male square to female square.
Apex 1/2'' Square Drive Universal Adapters
Apex® 1/2'' square drive universal adapters and extension adapters, 3/8'' to 3/4'' male square drive.
Apex 5/8'' Square Drive Universal Adapters, To 1/2'' And 5/8'' Male Square Drive
Apex® 5/8'' square drive universal adapters, to 1/2'' and 5/8'' male square drive.
Apex 3/4'' Female Square to 3/4'' Male Square, Universal Adapters
Apex® 3/4'' female square to 3/4'' male square, universal adapters.
Apex 1'' Square Drive Universal Adapters, 3/4'' To 1'' Male Square Drive
Apex® 1'' square drive universal adapters, 3/4'' to 1'' male square drive.